LAS Capital

About L.A.S.

L.A.S. stands for Land Air and Sea – the three spaces we work within to create superior electric vehicles, and the three of earth’s elements made better by our efforts. The companies within our venture benefit from a shared expertise in mechanical & software engineering, battery and propulsion technology, and EV production experience. All four of our companies have working prototypes and are in various stages of pre-production.

Our Founder

For the past 30 years Steve Burns has had success as a serial entrepreneur. He’s been a first-mover in the EV space for the past 15 years. And has taken two EV companies public – one of which reached +$1B market cap during his tenure. Though spanning multiple sectors, each company was founded on software innovation. He believes that going green is good business, that innovation has the power to make the sustainable, superior, and that better products can also be better for the planet.